Precast Concrete Elements

Concrete elements from Concrete International provide an efficient solution for facades, indoor walls and fire walls. We offer the right solutions for both designs in steel and concrete structures.

Due to increasing demands on fire safety and insulation we provide, in addition to our standard products, more and more customization.

We offer a diverse choice of finishes, and we would be delighted to discuss their capabilities with you. We differentiate ourselves by delivering high grade quality products and services, which needless to say meet all modern day requirements.


Fire wall

Thermal Bridge

Lattice Sandwich


Target Groups

Solid and/or insulated concrete elements are applied in the following construction sectors:

Utilities and Industrial Construction

  • Commercial Properties
  • Distribution Centres
  • Storage of hazardous goods
  • Office space


  • Stalls
  • Long Term Storage Locations
  • Machinery Storage Facilities

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